What Are the 2 Things That Have a 72% Influence Factor on Your State of Health & Well Being?

Imagine a line with premature death at the far left end. Now look to the far right end & you will see the highest level of health & well being possible. The center of the line is the lack of apparent disease. Now as you look at the line put all levels of illness to the left of the center, placed on the line by severity of illness. The right half of the line illustrates that even though you may not see or feel any illness; there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Where are you on this line? Where do you want to be? When are you going to begin?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention report that the environment has a 19% influencing factor upon your state of health, while your everyday lifestyle choices have a 53% influence factor.

Because the choices you make about your life & habits are by far the biggest influencing factor of your state of health & well being, we will explore it in more depth.

Of course the first things that come to mind are drugs, alcohol, nicotine & unprotected sex. These are dangerous to your health & well being, but there is a much bigger problem with your everyday choices that have a more subtle impact upon your health & well being. The impact of your everyday lifestyle choices is also cumulative with time. The impact is exponential the longer you make these choices. You also must keep in mind the more times you choose to do something, the easier it is to make the same choice again, until the choice is controlled by the subconscious.

Excess of things like sugar, caffeine & negative attitudes also have a cumulative negative impact over time. Combine this with little or no exercise, processed foods with no nutritional value & low or no self-esteem, it is no wonder so many people are overweight, depressed, mentally & physically ill & die prematurely.


Most disease, illness & premature death are a result of that persons lifestyle choices. The cells in a person’s body are constantly being replaced. These new cells are built from what you consume physically & mentally. Do you want to build healthy perfect cells or unhealthy imperfect cells? It all comes down to your everyday choices on what you allow into your body.

Your quality of life, now & in the future, is determined by many seemingly unimportant & unrelated choices you make everyday. Choices are usually just habits that are now being controlled by your subconscious. These habits can be changed with repetition, the same way they were formed.

The most important part is the choice to start the journey towards the far right side of the line. You can accomplish anything if you break it down into small enough tasks!

Start with making the choice to achieve a higher level of health & well being. When you take responsibility for your own level of health & well being, you will find it much easier to make better everyday choices.