7 Health Benefits For Senior Citizens Who Take Line Dancing Instructions

Line Dancing is the Second Most Popular Thing Seniors Like to Do!

Line dancing is very popular among Senior Citizens. It’s fun, there is great camaraderie among the Seniors, and you don’t need a partner, and it’s an easy way to stay healthy, both mentally and physically.

An Activity Director at a Retirement/Convalescent Home in California told me that line dancing is only second in popularity to square dancing and only because square dancing is an older form of dancing and more Seniors are familiar with it. Also, many Seniors were in square dance clubs and went to meetings each week when they were younger.

At almost any class in line dance instructions, you will see many Seniors. There are several dances suitable for people with limited mobility, such as “Tush Push”, “Electric Slide”, “Country Walkin'”, “Dancin’ with You” and the ever beautiful, “Waltz Across Texas”, which I love to do to Collin Raye’s “Dreamin’ My Dreams of You.” There is even a “sit down” tongue-in-cheek line dance by Knox Rhine called “Take A Break” which doesn’t even need music! Most classes feature easy line dances as well as more advanced.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of line dancing are obvious. Everyone benefits from exercise and line dancing is so much fun, it doesn’t seem like exercise. I read a report that said that people who line dance could possibly live an extra ten years. This may or may not be true, but it’s certainly something to consider.

Here is a list of some of the health benefits you will enjoy if you line dance on a regular basis:

* Cardiovascular and muscular strength and flexibility become better;
* High blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and high triglyceride levels, as well as high blood sugar levels can all improve;

* Coordination improves as you work through the different movements;

* Lung capacity can increase;

* Bone strength can increase; bone loss can be stopped or slowed down

* Help with weight control – half an hour of continuous line dancing can burn an average of 300 calories

* The social aspects of line dancing are obvious. Your sense of well-being and the camaraderie you have with the other dancers is wonderful for your health.

Line Dance Videos are available everywhere

There are many line dance DVDs and videos that Seniors can purchase and use to practice in the privacy of their homes. This is especially good if they are shy about going to a regular class or don’t have a class in their community that teaches line dancing for seniors.

Scooter Lee and Jo Thompson

The lovely and talented singer/songwriter Scooter Lee has many classes targeted towards Seniors through her non-profit organization, Dancing for the DreamĀ®, which she started with choreographer Jo Thompson.

As popular as her music was for line dancing, at first Scooter Lee didn’t line dance herself, even after being diagnosed with numerous health issues and being overweight. Finally, after learning to eat right, exercise, and create good habits in her life with positive thinking and positive people, she included line dancing in her routine for good health. Though the damage to her joints and organs was not reversible, Lee started to pay attention to her own health, eventually losing approximately 150 pounds in five years.

Living Near Power Lines: Is It Dangerous?

If you’re living near overhead high voltage lines it’s smart to know if there are health risks for you and your family. There are so many conflicting opinions about the safety, or hazards, of living by electrical lines that it’s hard to know what to think. None of us wants to stick our head in the sand, but neither do we want to be susceptible to runaway fear if it isn’t warranted.

Here we’ll look at the issue of power lines and health risks, symptoms, research and recommendations that will help you reach a comfortable personal decision about a course of action if you live by them.

Power Lines and Health Risks: What are the dangers and symptoms?

The most talked about health risks of living near electrical lines are leukemia and cancer. Some scholarly research indicates an increased risk especially for children. That’s enough to get our attention. Other studies found connections between overhead high voltage lines and breast cancer, decreased libido, fatigue, depression, birth defects, reproductive problems, heart disease, stress headaches, trouble sleeping, and many other symptoms. Yikes!

Overhead Electrical Line EMF Safety: If power lines are so dangerous, why aren’t they banned?

There are conflicting opinions about the safety of the relatively low-level EMFs (electromagnetic fields) generated by high voltage lines. Reading the research studies can be baffling. Studies by highly qualified scientists produce widely divergent and contradictory results. In our modern society, it’s impossible to account for all the many variables of lifestyle, diet, genetics, household wiring configurations, etc.

More studies are necessary: Power Lines’ Health Risk Still a Question.

The consensus is that more research is needed. It’s disturbing to many scientists that no definitive conclusion can be drawn. While it hasn’t been proven by independent duplicate studies that living near power lines is dangerous to our health and well being, and is definitely the cause of the reported cases of leukemia, cancers and other symptom; it also hasn’t been proven that living by high voltage lines (or any EMF exposure) is truly SAFE.

Health Insurance Coverage for Cancer Survivors or Cardiac and Diabetes Patients in India


The basic health indices in India have widely improved since we became independent in 1947, the average life expectancy has gone up, the infant mortality rates and maternal mortality rates have improved a lot but we still have a long way to go before we achieve developed or European standards.

These improvements happened because of improvement in education, sanitation, health care facilities and increase in disposable income resulting in general improvements in living standards across the board.

Today we are producing more cereals, pulses, fruits, poultry, fish and also consuming more as a result the availability of protein in our diet has improved very much resulting in taller and healthier Indians.

But along with increase in disposable income and increasing living standards there is increase in consumption of alcohol, tobacco, red meat and fatty foods.

The increase in affluence and affordability of new technological gizmos has made us more sedentary and dependent even for smallest and easiest of the job; today we tend to use mobile phone from the comforts of our home to contact grocer, pharmacist, maid, electrician, mechanic, etc.

And instead of walking to nearest convenience store, we tend to use vehicle and instead of walking or cycling for moving-around in our neighbourhood we take motorised vehicle.

Many of us will have trouble remembering last time we walked a distance to catch an auto rickshaw or taxi today we tend to book taxi and it picks us up from our door step.

Which along with unresponsive or indifferent civic management has resulted in unplanned development across most of the urban centres where availability of potable water, sanitation services are under stress along with increased and unmanaged vehicular, industrial, ground, noise pollution.

In 2012 GOI with Indian council of medical research released an updated definition of overweight and revised the figures to:

If BMI (Body Mass Index) is between 18-22.9kg/m2 person is of normal weight

If BMI is 23-24.9kg/m2 the person is overweight.

If BMI is more than 25 kg/m2 the person is OBESE.

In 21st century obesity has taken epidemic proportion in India and more than 5% of population comes under definition of OBESE.

While studying of 22 SNP ( single nucleotide polymorphism) near to MC4-R-gene, scientist have identified a SNP 12970134 to be mostly associated with waist circumference. In this study nearly 2000 people of Indian origin participated and this SNP was found to be most prevalent in this group.

Hence genetically we are predisposed towards abdominal obesity and this is one of the biggest morbidity factor behind diabetes type 2 and cardio vascular disease.

Globally 3-5 million deaths are because of obesity, 3.9% years of life lost and 3.9% of years lost to disability adjusted life years.

All the above has increased the number of Indians suffering from non-communicable lifestyle induced diseases like Cancers,Cardiac Vascular diseases, Diabetes, Hypertension, Mental Illness, breathing disorders like Asthma etc.

What is the disease burden for non-communicable prevalent disease like cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in India? (Reference: Background papers on Burden of disease in India published by National commission on macroeconomics and health)

The figures for Diabetes, CVD (Cardio vascular disease) and cancers are alarming and the biggest percentage of new cases are being reported from Urban areas and the younger men and women are as vulnerable as middle aged men.


India is projected to become diabetes capital of the globe, it is estimated that in 2015 approximately 4.6 crore Indians were diabetic.

The prevalence is estimated as:

In 30-39 years age group around 6% of population is estimated to be diabetic.

In 40-49 years age group around 13% of population is estimated to be diabetic.

In 70+ years age group around 20% of population is estimated to be diabetic.

Diabetes has been recognised as one of the major contributing factor towards increase in numbers of Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) patients in India.

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD):

It is estimated that around 6.4 crore Indians had one or the other condition which can be classified as CVD.

Coronary Heart Disease is a mix of conditions that include Acute Myocardial Infraction, Angina Pectoris, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and inflammatory heart disease.

It is increasing in rural areas it is estimated to effect 13.5% of rural population in age group 60-69 years.

More and more cases of CVD are being diagnosed among young adult in age group 40 and above.


It is estimated that nearly 10 Lakh new cancers wold have been diagnosed in 2016 and 670,000 deaths were expected because of cancer in 2016.

Across the globe Cancers account for 5.1% of disease burden and 9% of all death, in India cancers account for 3.3% of disease burden and 9% of all deaths.

Response of health insurance companies towards the increased disease burden:

Looking at the large number of people being diagnosed and being affected by increased disease burden, it is a fact that all these diseases or conditions are rejected as preexisting conditions and risks are not accepted by any insurance company.

The best response has been benefit policy from Life insurance companies which offer fix term plans for cancer or cardiac disease but for paying the benefit the diagnosis has to be during policy period.

The survivor benefit plans popularly known as critical illness benefit policy pays only when the disease becomes critical particularly in cancer today many cancer cases are diagnosed and treated completely during the early stage and do not become critical hence most claims under the Critical Illness can only be made once disease reached 3rd or 4th stage of manifestation.

Presently schemes for people diagnosed by or surviving these diseases are bare minimum some insurance companies have tried to launch products catering to people with some preexisting condition or survivors but the effort seems halfhearted.

New India assurance have launched Cancer care policies with Indian cancer society and CPAA but both these policies exclude existing cancer patients or Cancer Survivors and only enrol people who have no sign of cancer.

The Herbalife Product Line

Herbalife International’s product line began with a line of weight loss products. Today the Herbalife offers a line of weight management products, energy and fitness products, targeted nutrition products and personal care products. Let’s talk about them.

The Herbalife weight management line is all about managing your weight though a high protein low carb diet. Their weight management program is personalized to your body type and can be used to lose weight, gain weight or maintain an ideal weight. The Herbalife weight management products combine cutting-edge science with protein shakes and snacks to help you achieve your goals.

The Herbalife energy and fitness line consists of their Liftoff energy drink, NRG – Natures Raw Guarana -which helps with mental alertness, Herbalife24 Rebuild designed for immediate and sustained muscle recovery and finally Herbalife24 Hydrate a product which provides a low calorie source of bio available electrolytes.

The Herbalife targeted nutrition line offers products for heart health, digestive health, a healthy immune system, as well is products to support stress management and products specifically designed for men and women.

The Herbalife heart health line was created to promote cardiovascular health and is endorsed by Dr. Lou Ignarro.

The Herbalife digestive health line of products helps with problems like heartburn, indigestion and constipation. They support healthy digestive and elimination so your inner system runs smoothly every day.

The Herbalife personal care line of products provide support for healthier skin and hair. Just as your body needs nutrition for optimal health your skin and hair needs support to keep them looking their best. This line of Herbalife products includes a body washes, gels, moisturizers, skin products for normal, oily or dry skin, shampoo and conditioners, is as well as a line of fragrances for both men and women.

Herbalife does not manufacture the majority of their product line rather they are contract manufactured for them. Herbalife then in turn sells them to their distributors who sell them to the end user. While the Herbalife products are generally good to high quality they are also high in price. Making it is very difficult for Herbalife distributors to maintain retail customers long-term. (Although Herbalife promises residual income how is residual income possible if long term retail customers do not exists?) As a result Herbalife distributors have a never ending need to locate new customers if they are to produce the personal volume necessary to earn their royalty and production bonus income.

The Spirit Health Line – Beginning With Daily Prayer

Welcome to The Spirit Health Line: a series that will explore Christian life principles that promote the life, health, and growth of the Christian spirit. This first post in The Spirit Health Line covers the essential discipline of daily prayer as a great starting point for a Christian based program that stimulates the health of the Christian spirit. Remember that the health of the Christian spirit can only be increased by connecting with the Master of spiritual health, the author of life and faith, the doctor of all sickness, God Himself.

Daily prayer is one of the most important disciplines in the Christian life for stimulating the health of the Christian spirit. Prayer sparks learning, growth, and the understanding of Christian life and principles. Prayer is an amazing, personal line of spiritual communication from Christians to God without any middle man, interference, or distortion.

It’s just little old me and the Lord of the entire universe when I engage in prayer, and I can use prayer to open my heart and spirit to God. I can ask for aid in my Christian life and health in my spirit, as well as aid and health in the lives and spirits of my family and friends. I can use prayer to bring blessings on my friends and family, and I can use prayer to bring curses on my enemies. As the strength and health of my spirit becomes ever greater in my own life through this Christian discipline, I can even use the Christian principles of prayer to bless my enemies through the grace that God has given me, helping me to gain greater humility, compassion, and a deeper understanding of the forgiveness that the life of Christ has brought to all Christians.

Make no mistake that God hears you when you pray, and although God answers every prayer, His answers wait until the appropriate time to be given. Sometimes, His answer can be a flat out, resounding no. God truly knows what I need to bring health to my spirit and my life, even better than I often think I know it myself, which is why Christian prayer becomes a life changing spiritual exercise of Christian faith with its continual use. Notice, I use the word Christian frequently when outlining these principles; this is for good reason! According to Christ’s own teaching in the bible, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6, NIV)

There are countless examples of the effectiveness and power of prayer throughout the bible. In the book of Daniel, chapter 10, Daniel prays and fasts for 21 days before the angel Gabriel can reach him with an answer. This account is a great example of the patience and steadfast determination that God sometimes requires of us before He answers our prayers. I often wonder if I would have the strength to do what Daniel did in order to humble himself before God and wait patiently for His answer.

Another great bible passage, 1 Kings chapter 17, verses17-21, gives us an example of the power of God through prayer as Elijah uses prayer to ask God to bring a kind woman’s dead son back to life. God grants his fervent prayer, and Elijah brings a healthy boy down to his shocked mother, who suddenly proclaims that Elijah truly is a servant of the one true God.

The bible also gives us Hebrews chapter 5, verse 7, which says that “During the days of Jesus’ life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the one who could save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission.” Jesus spent many hours in intense prayer with the Father throughout his life. He taught us to engage in prayer continually in our hearts, both for the sake of our Christian spirits and also in order to remain open to the power and understanding of God. Notice with this passage, however, that although his reverent submission was heard by God, the burden was not lifted from him, and he was not saved from death. Jesus desperately wanted to call down his legions of angels to protect him, but instead he submitted himself to the will of God, and God’s will was for him to become a living sacrifice for all the world.

A helpful bible passage regarding the steadfastness of Christian prayer is Ephesians chapter 6, verse 18, which tells us to “Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.”

If you have decided to begin the daily Christian discipline of prayer in your own life, I would encourage you to start a prayer journal, both to track your progress and to look back and see how God has answered your prayers. Keep a prayer list in the front of the book, being sure to include some time for simply waiting quietly to receive the inspiration of the Lord. As the strength and health of your spirit grows, you will find that your prayers will grow with them. Over time, the Christian discipline of prayer will become an essential habit, coming before every action and plan.